Thursday, March 5, 2009

EASY SALAD SERIES: "Balthazar" Salad

On my salad kick this week I had a delightful salad from Balthazar, near my workplace. I paid $10 for it, and I thought "I can make this at home." And I did.


Mix of Baby Lettuces & Spinach
Slices of Fennel
Thinly sliced Radish
About a 1/10 of a Pound of Ricotta Salata (palmful amount)
Palmful of Quickly Cooked Green Beans
Sprinkle of Sea Salt
Sprinkle of Black Pepper

Dressing: Juice from a Quarter of a Lemon & EVOO

  • Cook Green Beans for 2 minutes in salted boiling water, shock them in ice-water to stop cooking and retain color. Set aside.
  • Toss Lettuces, Fennell, Radish with Lemon Juice and EVOO
  • Sprinkle Salt & Pepper
  • Top with Green Beans and crumble the Ricotta Salata on top
  • Top with more EVOO

*note, the original salad had some thinly sliced Beet on top (for sweetness) and a different mix of lettuces--but I chose Spinach and dark baby lettuces for some nutritional value (instead of crisp romaine). There was also about 3 pieces of asparagus, which I would have added if I had more time, instead I added more green beans. There was also Avocado, that I didn't like in the mix (which is strange for me as I love Avocado) I think it dampened the crispness of this winter salad and didn't jive well with the other flavors. The dressing, as well, I improvised, but I think the only difference is that Balthazar uses some sort of truffle oil in their original dressing, so if you have some, do add it.

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