Wednesday, March 5, 2008


This side dish is the perfect compliment to anything from a Veggie Main Course to a Salad to a Meat Dish. Since it includes White Wine & Mushrooms it can compliment a gamut of flavors from delicate Fish to Rich Red Meat.

This is something I just made up but it is SO simple AND tastes like it took a lot of planning! Something to impress your friends with for sure.


Package of Pre-Cut Portabello Mushroom Caps (or 2 to 3 Caps)
2 Big Springs of Fresh Rosemary
Half a Red Onion, thinly sliced
Dry White Wine
Salt & Pepper to season

You can also add Green Beans, (one Handful), optional

1. In a Medium Saucepan turn pan twice with EVOO. Turn to Medium-Low Heat.

2. Add sliced Portabellos--I like to keep them in large pieces. Make sure Heat is not too high. Season with Salt & Pepper. Turn them so that they are cooking on both sides. You might have to add more EVOO. Let this go on for about 30 seconds, stirring and flipping so that all mushrooms are covered in EVOO.

3. Add Thinly Sliced Red Onion. Add the Green Beans if you opt to, with ends cut off, I also like to keep these whole.

4. As they continue to saute, add the Fresh Chopped Rosemary (I use Kitchen Shears). Saute for 2 more minutes.

5. Add 3 glugs of White Wine or about a Quarter of the Bottle. Turn to Higher Heat to reach a boil/simmer.

6. Once it is boiling, reduce to simmer and let simmer for about 5 minutes. Check the Green Beans and mushrooms and see if they are tender enough. If they are, remove from heat and cover. Let sit until you are ready to serve.

*If they are not hot enough to eat, simply turn the Heat back on and simmer for 30 seconds, and they should be good to go!

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