Monday, March 10, 2008


One of my very favorite things is Yogurt. I am obsessed with Erivan Yogurt--full fat, plain yogurt. It is very tart and reminds me of the yogurt my Mom made growing up. Since we are Indian we utilize Yogurt as a cooling agent to our flavorful & spicy dishes--I was not used to eating Yogurt with fruit, or honey or anything sweet until I was much older. A lot of my friends were not used to eating Yogurt as a Savory Dish--but I encourage them to try, and usually they love it!
Since I made Spicy Meatballs this weekend (see post: A WORK IN PROGRESS), I wanted to make a Side Dish incoporating a Grain (in this case it was Jasmine Brown Rice because that is what I had laying around but Israeli Cous Cous works just as well!), incorporating veggies (so easy to lightly cook chopped Zucchini & Squash & blend into Rice or Cous Cous) and using a Yogurt Dressing with Mint & Honey. Here is the recipe, I promise it's very simple--especially if you have a Food Processor!


Jasmine Brown Rice (or Cous Cous) cooked according to directions on Packet

1 small Zucchini
1 small Squash

Full Fat, Plain Yogurt (I prefer Erivan)
2 grabs of Fresh Mint Leaves
1 grab of Fresh Parsley
Quarter Palmful of Salt
Honey (1 to 2 turns worth of the Food Processor)
A little bit of Black Pepper
Quarter Palmful of Cumin
A pinch (just a pinch) of Cayenne (optional)

1. Prepare your grain according to directions on packet.
2. Chop Zucchini & Squash into even pieces. Set pot of Salted Water to a Rolling Boil. Add chopped Veggies and Cook for 3 minutes. Drain Veggies, and cool down with Cold Water. Add to Cooked Rice in Serving Dish.
3. In Food Processor blend Yogurt (first use Half a Container, then do a taste test and see if you need more), Mint, Parsley, Salt, a couple grinds of Black Pepper, Cumin, Cayenne (optional) & 2 turns of the Food Processor with Honey & 1 turn drizzling EVOO.
4 Chop & Blend. Do a taste test & make adjustments accoriding to your preference. If you need more, just add and repeat.
5 Pour over Rice & Veggies, blend.
*Serve Chilled with a Spicy Main Dish.

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Ben said...

glad to see you're still into the Erivan. It's still a staple for me too ;).